Crestview/Kulan/Taylor Industrial

Located on a higher Elevation level than most of Whitehorse and surrounded by a woodland Oasis, Crestview is sure to capture your heart. A quiet quaint neighborhood with a great playground, ice rink and several trails to explore it is the perfect spot to raise your family.

North Star Mini storage Located on 27 Laberge Rd.

North Star Mini-Storage is one of the few Whitehorse storage unit rental companies equipped to offer climate-controlled storage units. Our acclimatized storage units are kept at room-temperature, controlled by a boiler system. Excellent for storing antique furniture, works of art, photo albums, and other treasured items that may be more susceptible to damage in cold storage environments.

Sorry there are no Schools listed at this time.

  • Chani’s Family- Located at 211 Rainbow rd. For children enfant to school age.
  • Crestview Park- Located on Rainbow Rd east of Klukshu Ave.

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    All maps, playground photos, and information credit to the city of Whitehorse.

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    FIXER UPPER with a view!!! Say hello to this affordable mobile home located in the quiet Benchmark…

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