Porter Creek

Porter Creek is beauty at its finest, being one of Whitehorse’s older subdivisions the residential lots are larger than most with vegetation on almost every lot. Living in Porter Creek you are surrounded by mountains and forests that hold many walking and hiking trails including the Trans Canada Trail and is sure to be any nature lover’s paradise. Porter Creek is a very large area with activities to satisfy the whole family, with the finest child care institutions and a variety of public schools to choose from, as well as several playgrounds spread throughout the neighborhood to support the needs of a young thriving family. Porter creek also has a growing night life with a Pub & Grill and billiards central to the neighborhood, and with the Whitehorse transit system and stations on every corner traveling around Porter Creek or to other locations is a breeze.

Porter creek mall which is located at 29 Wann Rd

Heather snack haven- Heather Haven is a one stop shop from groceries to off sales chances are if you need it, they have it.

Porter Creek Billiards- A great all ages welcome place to hang out and play pool.

Coyote Video- All your movie rentals needs!

Stacey’s Butcher Block- Offering fresh meat and meat products including wild game.

Porter Creek Indoor Garden Center- Located at 1307 Centennial St. Porter Creek Garden center specializes in indoor and outdoor gardening, hydroponics equipment, plants and offers a wide variety of stained glass and home décor.

Porter Creek Super A- Located at 1406 Centennial St. Super A is a full service grocery store and a self service gas station. They offer fresh meat and produce, hot and cold deli, full bakery, a large selection of organic and gluten free products and lottery.

Willow Printers- Located at 1107 Centennial St. Willow Printers in your one stop shop for all things printed! Envelopes, letterheads, signs, banners and more!

Trails North-Located at 92166 Alaska Highway. With the best home cooked menu in town and a wide variety of off sales items and a gas station.

Baileys Pub & Grill- Bailey's dual licensing provides for a family-oriented dining room up until 8pm. After 8pm, their licensing switches to a liquor primary, providing a more adult atmosphere.

  • Tree House Play School-Located at 11-29 Wann St. For children preschool to school age.
  • Church Of The Nazarene daycare-Located at 2111 Centennial St. For children from enfant to afterschool age.
  • Pine St. Park- Located on Pine St. across from Walnut Cres.

    Elm Park-Located at the corner of Elm and 14th Ave.

    Tamarack Park-Located at Tamarack Dr. off of Hickory St.

    Stan McCowan Park-Located on Sycamore st.

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    Porter Creek Photos

    All maps, playground photos, and information credit to the city of Whitehorse.

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