4 kitchen staging tips to help make it pop

4 kitchen staging tips to help make it pop

When you’re looking to sell Yukon homes for sale, staging is a very important part of the real estate process. Staging is mean to highlight specific features in the home and to have them catch the attention of potential buyers. Here are 4 staging tips to help make that happen.

Yukon homes for sale,houses for sale Whitehorse,Houses for Sale in WhitehorseDeclutter countertops and cupboards

When people are looking to purchase houses for sale Whitehorse, the size of the kitchen is very important. If your countertops are covered in clutter, it can make the kitchen seem much smaller than it actually is. If you have too many appliances on your counters, make sure to store them elsewhere. Since you’ll be packing anyway, this is a good way to get a head start, as you also don’t want your cupboards to be too full. So removed some items and have the remaining items stored neatly.

Upgrade faucets and cabinet hardware

When it comes to the appearance of your kitchen, the hardware is one of main pieces that make up the look of the kitchen. When selling Houses for Sale in Whitehorse, make sure to replace the old outdated faucets and cabinet hardware, to something a bit more modern. This will really freshen up the look of the kitchen, and is sure to catch the buyer’s eye.

Yukon homes for sale,houses for sale Whitehorse,Houses for Sale in WhitehorseThorough Cleaning

Let’s face it, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that gets the most traffic and mess. It is extremely important to keep your kitchen sparkling when trying to sell your home. A filthy kitchen is sure to turn buyers off, so make sure you do an extremely thorough cleaning of the kitchen.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint can really help the appearance of any room. When staging Yukon homes for sale it is important that every room has its own identity. In the kitchen try to use a neutral color like white or grey. Bright colors may appeal to some people, but when selling you don’t want to turn the majority of viewers off with brightly colored walls.

These are just a few of many tips when it comes to staging your home for sale and when listing houses for sale in whitehorse. For more information contact Felix Robitaille today.

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