Your Whitehorse Yukon Real Estate Relocation Guide

Your Whitehorse Yukon Real Estate Relocation Guide

If you are a current resident or planning a move and looking for Houses for Sale in Whitehorse, it is important to be prepared when relocating. Having a good relocation guide will make the move so much easier on you, and I have put together a list of the things you need to include.

Houses for Sale in Whitehorse,Yukon Homes for Sale,Real Estate WhitehorseStoring important documents

Make sure to gather all of your important documents before packing. Make sure you get a copy of your medical records, dental records, financial records etc. Box them all up together and make sure the box is labelled. When moving to a new city you are going to need all of these documents ready.

Collect Valuables

If you’re moving far away from your current residence, chances are you aren’t going to be back any time soon. So make sure you collect any valuables stored away in safety deposit box. Also contact any friends or family that may have borrowed any of your belongings.

Houses for Sale in Whitehorse,Yukon Homes for Sale,Real Estate WhitehorseInternet and Power

Moving to a new city can be a little stressful. Especially when you’re not there to meet with people to hook up the internet, cable, power, etc. It is important to get familiar with the utility services in the area when buying Yukon Homes for Sale. Make sure you book all of these appointments ahead of time, so you don’t need to move into a home with no power, and scramble to do so last minute.

Travelling with Pets

Moving your pets is very much like moving your children. Having everything prepared for the move makes it easier on them and you. When getting a pet ready for travel, make sure you have the following ready: leash, water and a dish, any medication they need, and all their toys packed.

Houses for Sale in Whitehorse,Yukon Homes for Sale,Real Estate WhitehorseChange of Address

Of course moving to a new city comes the change of address. These days you may have your addressed attached to everything. Make sure all your financial institutes, cell phone companies, utilities and services, etc. are aware of the address change. Doing this before the move will help to make the transition easier. The last thing you want to do when moving and unpacking is spending all day on the phone or computer, changing your address.

A relocation list can be quite long depending on the person and situation. But if you have invested in Real Estate Whitehorse, and are planning to move, contact Felix Robitaille for more information.

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