Reasons a home may stay on the market for a while

Reasons a home may stay on the market for a while

Whether you are trying to sell your home with no results, or searching for Yukon Homes for Sale on the internet, you may be wondering why your home, or any home stays on the market for a long time. There are many reasons why a home isn’t selling and is stuck on the market, and we are going to cover some of those reasons in this article.

yukon homes for sale,whitehorse yukon real estate,houses for sale yukonThe cost of the home

When you are pricing Houses for Sale Whitehorse, make sure to work with a realtor to get a proper evaluation of the home, this is the most critical thing when it comes to selling real estate. Your real estate agent will price the home at its current value, but will also look at the market at the moment to ensure it is competitive and not priced too high. If the home is priced too high, the amount of showings will be limited, and may result in very low offers.

The impression of the home

When it comes to selling your home on the Whitehorse Yukon Real Estate market, it is important that it is ready to show. Make sure you take the time to prepare the home for viewings, and fix any obvious damage the viewers may see. When someone views your home, it is the first impression they are getting of it, so make sure it is a good first impression.

yukon homes for sale,whitehorse yukon real estate,houses for sale yukonDeferred Maintenance

Another thing that can keep your home on the market for a while is the state of the home. If there are clear issues in the home like leaky water pipes and drains, an old roof, broken water tank, etc. people are less likely to purchase the home. Make sure you address these concerns immediately when trying to sell Yukon Homes for Sale.

Viewing Availability

One thing that can really kill a sale and keep your house on the market is the showing availability. If you or your real estate agent are not flexible and accommodating to people’s schedules, the likelihood of selling the home quickly is quite small.

If you have tenants living in the home, this can make it tricky as well. Make sure your tenants are understanding of the fact that you may ask them to vacate the suite at a moment’s notice, so that you can accommodate the viewer’s schedule.

These are just a few of the many reasons a home can stay on the market when people are trying to sell houses for sale yukon. For more information contact Felix Robitaille today!

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