Tips for selling your Whitehorse home this fall

Tips for selling your Whitehorse home this fall

Well it’s that time of year again where the temperature drops,leaves change, and the days seems shorter. Even though fall only lasts a few months in Whitehorse it can be quite beautiful, but many people think they can’t sell their home in the fall, but that’s not true. Here are a few tips on how you can help sell your home this fall.

Clean the yard

The exterior of your home is everyone’s first impression, especially for potential home buyers coming to view your home. So when listing real estate Whitehorse for sale this fall make sure your yard looks it best. Rake up all of the leaves on a daily basis, pick up any debris, and sweep and leaves or dirt off of the driveway and walkways.

Houses for Sale Whitehorse,Real Estate Whitehorse,Yukon Homes for SaleWindow washing

The summer months may have wreaked havoc on your windows with the combination of dry weather, dust, dirt, and wind. You windows may have built up some dirt on the windows so make sure you clean the exterior of all windows so that people viewing your home can get an amazing and unobstructed view from inside your home.

Chimney sweeping

With the cold temperatures creeping up you’re more than likely wanting to get the fireplace going. But before you do this make sure to hire a chimney sweeper, or do it yourself. Lighting a fire with dirt and debris in the chimney can be hazardous, and people looking at Yukon homes for sale will likely check to see what shape your fireplace and chimney are in.

Houses for Sale Whitehorse,Real Estate Whitehorse,Yukon Homes for SaleSet the mood

As mentioned above, the fall is a beautiful time of year and lots of people like to decorate for the season and often enjoy a day in while it rains, with some candles lit and a cup of tea next to them. So when showing your home you need to set the mood so potential buyers viewing your home can imagine themselves comfortable in your home during the season.

These are just a few things you can do when trying to sell real estate this fall. For more information contact Felix Robitaille for expert advice on selling your home.

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