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Who Paid For The Well?

Water wells & Septic Fields FYI

Country Residential

Buying a home in the country means that you are responsible for your water and sewer. Most rural households have a well and septic field.

One overlooked cost to consider when looking at these homes is the outstanding LIC (Local Improvement Charge). The cost of drilling a well is added to the annual property tax and paid back over a 5, 10 or 15-year term. Ensure when you start to calculate the cost of your country home to enquire if the well is paid off. The Yukon government has produced a brochure outlining the program Yukon Water Well Program.

Pro Tip 

Ask for the original drilling report to learn the

  • Flow Rate
  • Depth of the well
  • Static Level

Don’t Forget wood burners need to be WETT inspected and propane tanks are rented from the supplier for a nominal yearly fee.

Safe Drinking Water

The quality of the water can be tested at the Environmental Health Services Water Laboratory for free. Stop into the office at #2 Hospital Road, Whitehorse. They will provide you with a special flask to gather a water sample. Your water sample must be kept at cool but not below 10ºC and turned in within 24 hours. They will test your water for E. coli and total coliforms.

A well should be tested at least once a year and no matter when the current owner had the water tested, each purchaser should test the water for themselves. Well Water – Brochure.

Septic Fields or Septic Tanks 

These are the two approved methods of containing sewer waste. A site plan can be obtained from Yukon Environmental Health so that you know where the pipes run. Ensure to have any maintenance records of the system passed onto you when you buy your acreage in Whitehorse.

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