Moving to Whitehorse

Moving anywhere can be stressful, but moving your household a long distance to a new city can magnify this feeling even further.

Being prepared for your move in advance is the best way to minimize moving stress. It’s also a good plan to allow yourself enough time on both sides of your move in order to avoid rushing your move out or your move in.

Here are some tips to help your move to Whitehorse go smoothly:

Keep notes and phone numbers more organized using an app on your smartphone or a notebook. Having all of this information in one place will come in handy more often than not.

Set preliminary schedules as early as possible. Movers can book up fast especially if you are moving long distance.

Pick up moving supplies and sell, donate or toss items you don’t need and leave lots of time! Take pictures of valuable items for insurance purposes.

Whether you are doing this yourself or you’ve hired someone, you will want to be around to inspect the job before handing off the keys to the new homeowner.

Arrange a babysitter, petsitter or both for when you get there. It will be easier for you to focus without either running around your boxes.

Don’t be unwillingly surprised with the costs of a move. You will want to gather quotes early, and pay deposits to secure professionals.

Part of your planning should include change of address cards, and the cancellation of your utilities and services. You will also need to gather referrals from your healthcare providers, insurance and other professional networks for reputable providers in your new city.

Go room by room and edit further if you can. Make sure you clearly label all boxes!

Pack a bag of medications, prescriptions, personal documents and things you cannot do without should your truck get delayed either by weather or other circumstances.

You made it! Now enjoy your new Whitehorse home in the Yukon! You’re officially a Yukoner!