Reasons to Buy in Whitehorse

Reasons to Buy in Whitehorse

There are many reasons to buy real estate. Some people use real estate as a means of expanding their investment portfolio and some just want a place for their family to call a forever home. Whatever your reasons are we have compiled a list of our own reasons for why buying in Whitehorse is a great choice.

  • Do you love the outdoors?

  • Then the Yukon is your playground. Come winter you can ski, sled, hunt, fish and dog sled. In summer you’ll enjoy even more of the outdoors, with pristine lakes, rivers and a nearby ocean.
  • Darkness gets you down?

  • The Yukon has extra daylight! – During the summer we are lucky to get up to 19 hours of daylight!
  • Pollution has you worried?

  • Whitehorse has the cleanest air of any city in the world (according to the Guinness World Book of Records).
  • Not making enough money?

  • Whitehorse has the second highest wages in Canada and one of the lowest unemployment rates.
  • Great Community

  • Are you community minded? So are we! If you love opportunities to volunteer, walk, bike and raise funds for various causes and organizations, you’ll find a cause and a community organization that speaks to you! I’m a Lions member myself so I know what giving back to the community is all about!!!!
  • Are you interested in natural phenomena?

  • Come to the Yukon and you can bear witness to some of the most breathtaking of natural wonders in your own backyard. Hot springs that claim to heal and soothe under night skies lit with the dancing lights of the aurora borealis; there’s lots of nature to experience.
  • Thinking about slowing down?

  • Retirees and seniors can find affordable housing in Whitehorse and they’ll love the welcoming attitude of the locals.
  • Speaking of locals...

  • People move here for the amazing community! Yukoners are famous for being incredibly friendly and down to earth. Everyone here feels lucky to call this place home.
  • Me!

  • I get to introduce you to the city I’ve been calling home since I was 10 years old! And provide you with a stress free real estate buying experience.
  • You!

  • You get to make your own Yukon memories when you choose to make Whitehorse your home.

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